Behind The Scenes Tag!


So today I thought I would try something different! I saw Luscious Lane come up with this tag and thought it was a really cool idea and thought I would give it a go too!

Go and check Rikki’s tag post, and the rest of her blog, she’s great!

So lets get into it!

Why And When Did You Start Blogging?

I will have had this blog a year in December and I think I started blogging because I’d always loved writing and beauty and fashion and to able to share that with people likeminded seemed like a good idea. I’ve always been a relatively quiet, shy person and being able to express my opinions via words on a screen rather than talking face to face was something that really appealed to me.

What Gives You Inspiration For Blog Posts?

Everything! I just blog about everything that interests me, that I like, something I have an opinion on or simply what I’ve done that day. I get really excited when I come up with a good blog post idea because I’m passionate about it. You can get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere, doing a quick mind map of ideas can help!

What Advice Would You Give To People Starting Out?

I still call myself a new blogger, I’ve only had my blog a little less than a year and only have 90 odd followers. However the advice I would give is just to go for it, don’t worry what other people will think, do it for YOU! Stick at it, things don’t happen over night and just enjoy yourself, don’t let it become a chore! Have fun with it 🙂

What Is The Best Thing About Being A Blogger?

Being able to express my opinion, the lovely comments I get, they make me smile so much! And meeting and talking to other bloggers who share my passions! 🙂

What Do Your Friends And Family Think Of You Being A Blogger?

I didn’t ever announce that I was starting a blog to my parents, but just kind of started and as it’s grown slightly I have mentioned now and then and they seem fine with it! I don’t tell people generally that I have a blog because I’m so shy and self conscious, although my blog is connected to Facebook at the moment so every time I post it goes onto Facebook so all my friends on there see it, which still makes me a bit uneasy. But I’ve started to learn not to care so much and just enjoy blogging!

Is Blogging How You Pictured It?

No, not really. It’s very time consuming, contrary to what a lot of people think. I guess it depends how often you post. I post everyday which means it’s a lot more time consuming for me. It’s also quite hard getting people to notice you, there’s thousands of blogs out there and you have to make yours seen! However I do love it!

Are There Any Bloggers That You Feel Deserve More Readers/ Have You Made Any Friends Through Blogging?

I think a lot of new blogs deserve more readers! I don’t know about ‘friends’ but some blogs I really like are Rikki’s (link above), Flowers and Wonderlust ( ) and for those who like poems Vinnylanni ( ) But these are only three, and I follow and read so many great blogs!

What Inspired Your Blog Name?

I’ve never been 100% about my blog name, but I wanted something that wasn’t too much in any direction, for example I didn’t want something that screamed makeup and fashion and only makeup and fashion because there’d be a lot other things in there as well. So I wanted something to best describe the space for me to write about things that interest me and to talk to people who share those interests, and The World Of LucyJayne seemed to fit that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about me! Let me know if you do the tag and link it below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

Talk to you soon!

Lucy xxx


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