The Benefits of Journaling…


So I dug out some of my old diaries the other day and it made me think about how much I do actually love writing a diary. I have a current one, but I don’t write in it everyday, but more just when I want to/have something to say or get off my chest. This is what my current diary looks like…

P1090498 Its just a normal notebook with a magnetic clasp on the front to keep it shut.

I bought it a long time ago at Home Sense as I started it when I was 15! It simply has lined pages with cute bird and flower illustrations inside as the can see.


In this one I write everything that has happened since the last time I wrote, how I’m feeling, whats going through my head, good and bad. It’s refreshing sometimes to get all your emotions into written form. It can clear your head and help you see things clearer.

I also have a separate journal which my mum bought me, again quite a while ago. However this one is specifically for highlighting the positive things about that day and it does kind of need to be done everyday, although I have been slacking on that, but I am going to start again! It looks like this…

P1090499  They had lots of different kinds of these in Waterstones at the time, but this one definitely suits me down to the ground! I has lots of positive words on the front and on the first couple of pages and then on each page the left side has a positive/happy/encouraging life quote and on the other side it says ‘What I’m hanging hope on today and then lines to write on, a place for the date,  and at the bottom it says ‘Prevailing outlook for today’ and then theres four tick boxes with a thumbs up, an okay symbol, a thumbs down and a fingers crossed sign.



I just love this, I think its great to pick out the good parts of your day and focus on that rather than the bad parts. Its also nice to read back over and see that actually good things do and have happened to you.

I encourage everyone to start a journal, even though I’ve been doing it since I was little, you’re never too old to start! It’s a great way to express you’re emotions and even move on from difficult events and if you’re a budding author like me, it helps get you into the habit of writing every day too!

Let me know if you write a journal and if you think it helps you 🙂

Lucy xxx


2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Journaling…

  1. I definitely think journals are good for the heart and soul. I have a few filled books in one of my keepsake boxes. I love seeing books completely finished with writings of all colors of pen marks. I would love to pick up the pen again since I haven’t in so long. I agree one-hundred percent. Thank you for sharing!

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