OOTD Shirts and skirts :)


So today I thought I would share an outfit with you that I really like πŸ™‚ The pictures are not brilliant as I was taking these when I was and still am really ill so bare with!

George at Asda
George at Asda


skirt- NewLook Boots-George at Asda
skirt- NewLook
Boots-George at Asda




I was also wearing little black and white frilly socks, but you can’t really see them, they were from Topshop. πŸ™‚

Obviously for Autumn/Winter I would add a pair of tights to this look and a nice winter coat, but I just really like this outfit.

I think its cute and different, it has two contrasting patterns in it but it just works. I love shirts, all kinds and this tartan skirt is the best!

And here are my new black boots again! I have done a whole review on those so go check that out!Β https://lucyjayne995.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/asda-black-ankle-boots-review/

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know what you think of the outfit!

Lucy xxx



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