Work Experience Review and Life Choices….


So I am still at home today recovering from my horrible experience the day before yesterday, so that means I have not been to my last day of voluntary. Not too bothered because I can go back anytime, but just thought I would let you know what I thought of it (well, the two days I was there anyway).

I was in the Art department the day I got the pain in my back and it was a really good day (apart from that obviously). I spent most of the day putting up displays for them but it was good because that meant I also got to sit in the lessons and see what it was like to be a teacher rather than a pupil. It felt so strange when they called me Miss! haha. I also got to help out a girl with her photography project at lunch which was fun and gave me a real sense of achievement and insight into what Learning Support would be like.

Obviously then the day went horrifically down hill when I started to feel ill, but thats another blog post. (Check out yesterdays blog post if you want to hear about why I had to go to A&E).

All in all going back there was really good and my old art teacher said she’d love to have me back as a sort of mentor to kids, which I’d totally be up for. I still don’t know 100% what I want to do as a career but as always people keep telling me I shouldn’t know what I want to do because I’m so young.

I still really want to go travelling and have recently been looking up some websites, if you have any recommendations please let me know! As I say in my About Page, my dream is to become an Author, but I know how hard that is, and even if you do it sometimes isn’t enough to life off. I rather start a career path and if my writing takes off, then bonus!

Choosing what you want to do in life is incredibly hard, but I do believe your path is somewhat already set, things happen for a reason and you have to trust in yourself that you will make the right decisions and that you will find your path.

I don’t want this to be a really long rambly post, and to be honest I still get emotional whenever I talk about my uni experience, I am still planning on doing a proper post about it, but there is just so much to write…

Anyway, my message for this is kind of a message for myself, 2014 has been a hard year with many tough decisions and hard days. However, I do believe things will start to look up, trust yourself, believe in yourself and just don’t worry where you’re going, because its not always about the destination, but the journey that you take.

Lucy xxx



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