Dads Birthday and a Trip to A&E…

Heya guys!

So yesterday was a day of two halfs….

It started out great, I went to school to do my voluntary and apart from feeling a little under the weather with my cold, it was good 🙂 It got to four o’clock and I was just stood in the staff room talking to the teachers and I started to get a aching pain in lower back on the left side. I left, managed to drive home and then walk the dog hoping it was just cramp or something, but it got worse and worse.

My dad got home and called the doctor after I’d already called 111, I already felt awful because it was his birthday and we’d also supposed to be going to a bonfire and fireworks display, but the pain was just getting worse. I went to the doctors and he gave me stuff for pain and for incase it was a kidney stone.

However when I went home and took the tablets it still got worse and worse especially through dad opening his presents, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin it.  After he’d opened them though I couldn’t bear it anymore, I had started shaking with pain and it had spread up my back and round the front. My mum called back 111, who got an on call doctor to ring us, but in the meantime I was just going down hill and my mum called an Ambulance. At this point the pain was 9/10.

It look them sooo long to get here, after going to the wrong address but finally I felt like there might some light at the end of the tunnel. After them assessing me they took me down to hospital. The pain started to come in waves and morphine wasn’t touching it, I even had gas and air, but it made me feel really light headed so I stopped using it.

Anyway, I’ll cut the story short, it’s not that interesting, basically we waited in hospital for a long time whilst they did my bloods and tested my urine for infection. The doctor was really nice though so that was good and when she came back with my results I think everyone was a little apprehensive.

Luckily though it wasn’t anything really sinister, I didn’t have a infection, and it was unlikely it was a kidney stone. She believed it was a cyst around my ovary that had burst which was causing the pain, and it would likely hurt for few days whilst they liquid was absorbed by my body. She said we did the right which is nice to hear, and thankfully today after being in A&E till 2AM and basically only just waking up, I do feel a lot better.

I think my dad did really like this presents and I hope he had a good birthday despite me! Hopefully we can see some other fireworks and some point. The pain was just so bad, I was actually quite scared at one point.

Anyways, I’m feeling better now and hopefully I won’t have to go back to hospital for a long time!!! and happy birthday dad!!! Love you!!

Lucy xxx


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