Bookaramigifts Review!

Hello again!

So recently I met up with my bestie again yaaaay! And she finally 😉 had my birthday present!! Only a month and a half late! But it was definitely worth the wait!! 😀

This is what she got me!



Its called Bookaramigifts and they are made by the amazingly talented Nicki Frampton in Camberley. As you can see it is folded book art uniquely handcrafted for you. You can pick the wording and the colours of your book and ribbon/flowers, and yes they are REAL books!



For someone who loves books and reading and cute gifts like this it was the perfect present! So thank you so much again Emma! I love you!! I have photographed it on the little board here, but it is not attached so you don’t have to keep it.

Having looked on their Facebook page the prices are really reasonable too and it came packed beautifully so it arrived in perfect condition and looked great too!

I would highly recommend these beautiful creations if want something to brighten up a room, or have a birthday to buy for coming up, these make the best presents as they are so personal and pretty. Love it!

Go check them out on Facebook!

Lucy xxx


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