Halloween, Friend Time and Scary Movies….


I really need to start scheduling posts for over the weekend because by the time I have done my shifts at work, I am too tired to write a post! Anywayyyyy…..

So as we all know last Friday was HALLOWEEN!



So me and my friend decided to something a little bit different this year. Firstly we went bowling, which is always a laugh, we went in the arcade and got some more Photo Booth photos πŸ™‚ I did a bit of a heavier makeup look for this and wore my pumpkin earrings.



As ever nothing comes out on camera as it does in real life, but there you go, it looked better in person, that and the fact I am probably the most un-photogenic person I know. 😦


This was a super fun night as you can probably tell πŸ™‚ Then after bowling and arcade fun we headed off to Sainsburys to pick up some snacks and a scary movie for the rest of the evening.

We eventually settled on The Conjuring. I always surprise myself because I HATE scary movies, but only when we’ve started watching it do I remember this. I must of only watched half of it because I was so scared.

Saying this, I think it was a really good film, definitely very scary! However I don’t think I’ll be going to see Annabelle anytime soon!

The next day I had to work in the evening and we’d been told to dress up Friday, Saturday and Sunday and as I hadn’t been working Friday I thought I’d make a bit of an effort on Saturday night. I turned up like this….


I must of been one of like four that actually dressed up on the Saturday night, it’s safe to say I didn’t go dressed up today!

But I’m glad I made the effort and it was for charity so thats always good.

But anyway! Halloween was good this year, I enjoyed it, now onto Bonfire night! Yaay!

Finally I picked up my Benefit advent calendar over the weekend so I will be blogging each thing in that everyday in December, wooooo!

Hope you enjoyed Halloween and of course this post, let me know what you did over Halloween πŸ™‚

Lucy xxx


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