My Struggle For a Good Pair of Jeans…

Or infact any piece of clothing that needs to be adjusted for a taller woman.

I am around 5 10/11”, I won’t let anyone tell me what my height actually is when they measure me, because I’m really self conscious about it.

It doesn’t help when I go into a shop and I simply have no choice when it comes to jeans, dresses or skirts. Many high street stores usually do a Tall range, but I have to go online and order them, which is such a hassle. I want to be able to try a pair of jeans, see if I like them and then buy them or not. If I have to go online, I have to order them, wait for them to come, try them on, and if I don’t like them I have to send them back and start the whole process again.

Its almost insulting that even in the smaller stores they have the petite but not the tall range. People are getting taller, its a fact, so why not cater to that? I have a number of pairs of jeans from Asda and Primark because at least they do a long leg, and they are actually good jeans. But it would nice once in a while to be able to go into a fashion store and buy a cool pair of jeans that fitted me well, with no bigger price tag just because I’m taller. I can’t help the way I am!

There’s been so many campaigns about getting ‘Plus’ sizes getting into high street fashion retailers but I think it should be the same with Tall. I feel almost weird seeing a pair of jeans I like in store and then having to go online to buy them, and to be perfectly honest I probably then forget to do that.

Basically what I’m saying is that the Tall ranges should be treated with equal importance as the Petite range or the Plus size range. I understand shops, especially the smaller stores, can’t stock every size of every range, but they should at least have a few, just for people to try.

Rant Over. Tell me what you think about this, and if you struggle with any particular sizing issues when it comes to high street shops.

Lucy xxx


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