I love Autumn….


We are now deep into the depths of Autumn so I thought I would list a few reasons why Autumn is probably my favourite season…

  1. Its when my birthday is! My birthday is on the 20th of September and even though it is technically Autumn, I’ve had some lovely sunny, warm birthdays. Even though this year I wasn’t really in a good place for my birthday I still like that its in Autumn.
  2. Kind of following on from this, it’s the fact that its a very ‘transitional’ and beautiful season. We are loosing the warm for a brisker breeze, swapping sandals for boots, sunnys for scarfs. Its so beautiful as the tree’s leaves start to turn golden and red, and then fall. And who doesn’t love to walk through a big pile of crunchy leaves?! Until you find a pile of dog poo…hahaIMG_0040
  3. As it gets colder we get new fashions and trends to try out, and I personally LOVE Autumn/Winter trends! You get to start wearing lovely cosy tights and leggings again,  hoodies and all those cute accessorises that you couldn’t in summer! The colours of these clothes as well is something that I really love about Autumn. Also the makeup! Its more acceptable to wear a berry lip for example, and I LOVE a berry lip! 🙂


4. It’s when Halloween is!! For someone who is not a lover of scary films, or really scary anything for that matter, I do love Halloween! I think it’s just such a fun time of year, and its become sort of a tradition for me and my bestie to do something on Halloween night each year, so that makes it doubly exciting! Carving pumpkins and all the decorations, whats not to love?!


5. As well as Halloween, we also have Bonfire Night in Autumn! This is another quite big    time of year for us as a family as my dad’s birthday is also on the 5th Of November, so its hard to forget! I love going to Bonfire’s and fireworks displays, I think they are just so enjoyable and as if you’re dressed appropriately with a nice cup of watery tea or hot chocolate, stood in the middle of probably a muddy field, you know you’re doing it right!


Thats about all I can think of right now, there’s probably more! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you’re favourite things about Autumn are in the comments! 🙂

Lucy xxx


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