Cutesy, Hanging, Quote Home Decorations!

Hi guys!

So today I thought I would share my love of cute little hanging home decorations with lovely quotes on them with you! I just think these type of decoration really brighten up you’re home or bedroom and as a family we have a fair few! Some have greater significance than others, but all are fun and cute!










‘I love you to the moon and back’– a lovely quote anyway, but this has personal significance for me. My mum bought me this one as it’s what I used to say to her when she would ask me how much I loved her.

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined.’- Again a really nice quote but also my mum this one at the same time as the other one. At the time, and still really, I needed a pick me up and to refocus on what my dreams are and what I want to be.

‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow’- I bought this a long time ago and  I still try and live by these three little sayings. I try to not hang on to the past, it can’t hurt you, but you can learn from it, you should live in the moment and keep hope alive for everyday.

‘Laundry, drop your pants here’- My mum bought this! It’s hanging on the door to our utility which is where our washing machine is so it’s just so funny. It has often made house guests chuckle!

‘Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a normal family.’- I bought this whilst I was in New York, I remember standing in the shop in Bubba Gump and just laughing to myself. I was a little bit homesick and I just thought it summed up my family perfectly!

Basically what this post is about is just how much I think these type of things can be really special. Especially if you buy them somewhere significant or they mean something to you personally or to someone else if you’re giving it as a gift!

If you would like to know where I got any of these signs from then don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comments, and let me know what you think of these, as decorations and gifts.

I hope this post makes sense, I just think they are so cute and make great gifts, and remind you to love life!

Lucy xxx


5 thoughts on “Cutesy, Hanging, Quote Home Decorations!

  1. Very cute!!! My fave is the one on laundry and dropping your pants! haha!! These would be so cute around the house.

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