Cheltenham, bumping into Luke Friend and The Vamps…PART TWO!


after we had finished our food in M&S cafe we asked directions once more from some members of staff in Marks and Spencers who were very helpful and even though it was around a 20-30 minute walk it was just one straight road there, so we decided to walk. Luckily the rain stayed away and eventually Cheltenham racecourse was in view.

Only thing I would say about Cheltenham, they need more pedestrian crossings! Nearly every road we came to we had to madly dash across because there were no crossings!

But anyway back to the most important things! We had arrived at the venue! We were a bit early so we hung out outside before we went in. As an eighteen year old and nineteen old we headed straight up stairs to the bar to get the drinks in 😉 This gave us time to chill and people watch for a bit. We spotted The Vamps manager and eventually we decided to go in and take our seats!

I was really impressed with Cheltenham racecourse as a venue, it’s small enough for it to feel intimate but large enough for a good atmosphere. Our seats were also really good, it probably won’t look it on the photos because my camera is not very good at all, but  we were pretty close, and were like the first people on a tier, so we had a little bit of height too.

What was left but to (get another drink…) and enjoy the show! Here are some choice pic’s from it, but of course you HAD to be there!






Of course The Vamps were incredible, singing all their well known songs and a few covers, including ‘Teenagers’ by My Chemical Romance, which was amazing! They truly are so talented, it started on time too, which is always good!

The support acts were great too (E0fE, Luke Friend and Nina Nesbitt) although we missed Nina Nesbitt because we went to get another drink and go to the loo haha, sorry Nina, I’m sure you were fab!

E0fE were so good me and Felicity are going back up to Cheltenham to see them on the 14th of Novemeber, so look out for that blog post, and I promise it will be better than this one! haha

Hope you enjoyed!

Lucy xxx


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