Cheltenham, bumping into Luke Friend and The Vamps…PART 1


So on Thursday of last week, me and my good friend Felicity travelled up to Cheltenham to see The Vamps! We got the train at 13.51 and arrived there at 15.10, and after the hour and twenty minute journey we headed off into Cheltenham town centre! 🙂

On the way to Cheltenham!!
On the way to Cheltenham!!
Felicity as we walked into town :)
Felicity as we walked into town 🙂


The footpath into town was very easily signposted and well within walking distance of the train station. It was off the road too which made it much more pleasant, although it did start to rain which was a bit rubbish!

When we got there we had a nice look round some of their shops, especially the ones we don’t have in Taunton, like Oasis, Warehouse, Superdry and H&M. It started to get later in the day and we decided we needed to find somewhere to eat. This is one thing I think Cheltenham could do with more of. Restaurants in the town centre. All we found we little cafes that were closing, or big restaurants that weren’t open.

However on our wonderings we did come across a large group of teenage girls. Having talked about it earlier we automatically thought it could be a Youtuber, although on actually stopping and looking closer we realised it was one of The Vamps support acts, LUKE FRIEND.  We stopped and watched for a while as he took a few pictures, he’d obviously been busking but apparently we’d missed that haha! We did think about asking him for directions to a good place to eat but didn’t want to upset his clearing devoted fans as they followed him off down the street. We’d see him later anyway 😉

We finally ended up in of all places, M&S cafe! But it was really nice and calm after the rush of the day. It gave us a chance to chat and get excited about seeing The Vamps. And also think about how we were going to get there, we’d asked a few people and most of them had said it wasn’t in walking distance, especially if we didn’t know where we were going. Hmm…I guess we’ll see about that…

Come back for PART TWO later today to find out how we got there, and what happened when we did! 😉

Lucy xxx






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