My Favourite Skincare Products! (At the moment!)

This week I have decided to show you three of my favourite skin care products ūüôā Skincare is a big thing if your a teenager and there are soooo many products claiming to do a million different things for your skin and sometimes its really just pot luck in finding products that help your skin. However, ¬†these three products are my personal favourites that I have found and that I use frequently, I believe really do help your skin, ¬†and they also smell and feel gorgeous too! Okay, lets get into it!

All three lined up!!
All three lined up!!

First up is this product:

Garnier PureActive 3in1
Garnier PureActive 3in1


I love this product so much and I’ve had it so long! This is a relatively new bottle (or whatever you would call it!) the last one I had was actually the old packaging! I really like this product because it’s three things in one, a wash, a scrub and a mask. I have used it as all three but especially like using it as a scrub and a mask. It explains how to use it for each thing on the back and also states the percentage of how many people from a group of 57 over a four week period agreed that: the wash removes excess sebum (89% agree), the scrub unclogs pores (88% agree) and the mask evens skin tone (91% agree). It also says that its for combination to oily skin, prone to imperfections.

If the stats aren’t enough to make you want to try out this fab product, you should just smell it! Oh my gosh, it’s one of my favourite smells! Its just so fresh and clean and almost like a clay smell, but a lush clay smell! It feels amazing on your skin too, the mask literally makes your skin feel so cleansed and awake, I just love it! It’s a really nice thick consistency too, definitely recommend this product!



Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub by Neutrogena
Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub by Neutrogena


This is quite a similar product, it’s got a very creamy texture but this one is specifically a ‘daily scrub’ to ‘help eliminate and prevent blackheads for up to three weeks’. I’ve had this a very long time, it’s almost empty which shows I’ve been really liking it. Again it feels nice on your skin and the smell is so lovely, its almost like a creamy citrus, but I am so bad at describing smells! You really just need to go and check it out for yourself.

Now I’m horrendous when it comes to daily scrubs, I have not used this everyday, so I can’t say if it really eliminates and prevents blackheads. ¬†I use it on my T zone, especially on my nose where I get blackheads and when I have used it a lot I have seen improvements. But again even if you don’t use this regularly I think it does really work, it feels good and smells good so gets a big tick from me, however I still have blackheads on my nose, but maybe if I did use it everyday they would go!




Manuka Doctor Skin Ease & Repair Gel
Manuka Doctor apiclear: Skin Ease & Repair Gel

Finally we have this little tube! I got this in my stocking last Christmas. My mum told me it was to put on spots and like after spots to prevent scarring and help healing. It threw me a little at first as it doesn’t actually say anywhere that its for use on spots, like literally nowhere, but it does on the website. I’m pretty sure you can get these in bigger pots and stuff but they are quite expensive, hence why my mum got me the small tube, they also do loads of different ones for different things e.g all the apiclear ones are for spots. I actually went on their website as I didn’t really know a lot about them, but they do loads of things like cleansers and moisturisers. On their website they describe this product as ‘clear up after your skin with a targeted repairing gel that cools and calms. Quickly absorbed so you‚Äôre not left with an icky sticky residue. Just pop it on your spots.’ And this is exactly what I have been using it for, and I have found it really works, as I said, its a repairing gel so I also put it on after spots too, when they’re going down to help heal my skin and it feels really nice and cooling.

On their website this 25ml tube is ¬£6.49 and I don’t think they do actually do this in a bigger size, because honestly this size is plenty! You only need a small blob for the odd spot, so it goes a long way. However I then went on Superdrugs website and its ¬£3.99 at the moment, which is brilliant so I highly recommend going and grabbing some of this and checking out the other products in the range because they sound awesome!


So there you go, my three favy products (at the moment!) for skincare! You can find them all in Superdrug for under a ¬£5 I believe, so go check them out! I’ll leave the links below if you wanna look at them further and leave me a comment on your favourite products or skincare regime! BYE! xxx

Manuka Doctor Homepage :  apiclear Skin Ease Repair Gel :

Garnier PureActive 3in1 :

Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub by Neutrogena :


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