Clarins: new HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer (Review)

Hello again guys!

Firstly a quick update! I’m so sorry I haven’t been around recently, (I seem to make this apology in every post!), but I have been doing my exams and even though they are now over (HALLELUJAH!!) I now have a new issue. My netbook cable has gone walkies. So I am writing this on our main family computer after getting ever so slightly annoyed when I looked for the tenth time and still couldn’t find my netbook cable last night. Anyways! I also have a really exciting project lined up for myself which I am going to talk about in a whole other post, so keep a look out for that and I am also determined to blog more regularly now as its now officially SUMMER TIME!


Anyway on with this blog post, today I have another review for you and its of the new Clarins product the HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer. I recently bought a magazine (another thing I haven’t done in a long time!) and within this magazine was a tester for this product. I don’t normally bother with  testers if they are shaded as they are nearly always never my colour but this time I decided to give it a go anyway.

The shade the tester was in was 04 Blonde, so I thought it might be okay. When I first squeezed the product out it looked really dark but I carried on, it smells so good honestly and once I’d smoothed it all into my skin and blended it out it actually suited my skin tone quite well, if not ever so slightly dark. I instantly loved the hydrating texture and lovely lightweight feel on my skin. It sank in really nicely and looked like I wasn’t wearing any makeup whilst at the same time giving me a really healthy, radiant glow. I was in love.

So on Friday I ran into  town to see how much it was and if the shade was right for my skin. In the end I got 00 Porcelain as I do have quite light skin, also the lady gave some very good advice saying that if I did get a tan and it was too light, to just bronze it up. I used it yesterday and I think I’m a little bit obsessed. I haven’t had any Clarins products for a very long time, partly because it’s quite pricey and partly because I guess it’s always eemed a more middle aged ladies makeup, but I have definitely been converted!!!

P1080723 P1080724So if you want something for summer which won’t sit heavy on your skin, that will hydrate and protect you (it has an SPF 15 too!) with a light coverage, then I highly recommend this product. However it’s definitely in the pricey range at £30 pounds for a 50ml bottle but you do not need a lot and I am really loving this! I would just pop this on and maybe a bit of concealer and that’d be me skin wise!

Talk soon! Lucy xxx


2 thoughts on “Clarins: new HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer (Review)

  1. Loved this review, Lucy. According to rumours, Benefit are discontinuing You Rebel, their tinted moisturiser which I have used religiously for 10 years! Bad times! This will ultimately force me to seek out an alternative. The qualities I adore in Rebel – SPF, smooth application and light weight feel all seem to be replicated in this Clarins product. This could be worth investigating in my reluctant search for a replacement. Thanks for the informative blog, Gemma xx

    1. Thanks for the comment Gemma! Yeah it is really nice, just got back from the south of France and used it everyday there 🙂 hope your good 🙂 xx

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