A braid up do, revision and Twitter…

So today I thought I’d go back to a little bit of a chatty post tonight and just talk through what I’ve been up to in the last few days :)So firstly yesterday I posted on my twitter that I was actually happy with my hair for once and this was thanks to Zoella from youtube, I love her videos and recently she did a how to video on a braid up do. I decided to give it a try not really expecting much at all because these things never seem to work with my hair. However it actually turned out pretty ok, this is what it looked like…

Braid up do!
Braid up do!

So yeah, pretty, pleased with it, this is the best pic of it as I kind of did fail to hide the ends of the braids but the downside of this image is that you can see my face.

I’ve been pretty stressed recently with all the exams and revision and I’m sure every other person that is doing any kind of exam at the moment feels my pain, its a very stressful time. However I have now got my first exam over and done with and my next one is on Tuesday so I’m slowly trucking through them.  So good luck everyone!

Finally I just want to express my love of Twitter at the moment. With all the bad stuff going around about social media and cyber bullying  I think social media is seen in quite a bad light, but I actually really like Twitter especially, its a great place to meet people that share you’re interests and passions (fan girling!) and also interact with your idols.

Yeah, this was a very quick and short blog post but I will be doing another beauty one soon on a kit I bought recently, I just want to try it out a bit more first 🙂

Much Love, Lucy xxx



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