A bank holiday weekend in bed and not in a good way…

Hello blog readers!

Well, it has been a while hasn’t it? Yeah sorry about that. I’m  currently sat at my computer in my pyjamas and hoodie, (with the hood up) sniffing and coughing my guts up, lovely. Yep I’m ill.

I haven’t been ill and this ill in quite a long time, but I had a feeling my luck was running out. I started with it on Friday night, I had earache and then came the sore throat from hell. I had two very sleepless nights with what felt like the contents of my head running out my nose and swallowing razor blades. I went to an out of hours doctor yesterday (bank holiday Monday) under suggestion of my mother who basically just confirmed it was flu and I went back home with a ‘just rest and drink plenty.’ This has turned into a bit of a moany post hasn’t it? Sorry.

Anyway I’m finally feeling a bit better and even though this will probably be a crap blog post I felt I should let everyone know what was going on as I’ve been somewhat AWOL recently, unless you follow me on twitter, which I’m always on!  I’m annoyed because I was supposed to have the last session of my photography exam earlier today which I’ve now had to move to Thursday morning which was my only day off when I was going to catch up on the whole lot of revision I haven’t done.

Yeah…revision. I know you can’t revise, or not effectively anyway, when you feel awful and are clearly ill but that hasn’t stopped me spiralling into a mini breakdown about how much revision I could have done in the three day weekend that I didn’t do. Even now as I’m sat here writing this I know I could probably do a little bit of revision, (well until I sneeze and blow my notes everywhere) but I just can’t motivate myself to do any. Maybe I’ve resigned myself to the fact I’m not going to do very well in these exams, but I still want to go to uni so I need  the UCAS points (don’t know if this is just an English thing, but basically some universitys don’t ask for specific grades, they ask for points instead which related to the grades you get, it sounds complicated and well, it is.).

Wow this has turned into a ramble, I guess I needed to get all my worries, fears and demons out my head and onto my blog. I do actually feel a little better now strangely enough.

Right, okay. I’m going to leave this odd, mini, not very good, rambly post here in fear it will continue on into just a moan post. So I will leave it on a positive note and say that I promise I will do a proper blog post soon! I hop everyone is coping with the exam season and I’ll speak to you all very soon! 🙂

Lucy xxx


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