Stress busters!

Hello again!

So for many students around the world we are now on the count down to exams! For me it’s my final exams before I leave college, so it’s pretty nerve wracking and I know for many of us (including me!) its an incredibly stressful period whatever exams you are taking.

So with this in mind I have put together my top five stress busters! hopefully they will help you too!

1# A nice hot bath with some of your favorite products in can be really relaxing after a long day. A lot of the time we feel we don’t have time for a bath with revision and work, but try and find time at least once a week to indulge in a nice long soak. Some of my favy products for in the bath at the moment are the Radox stress relief bath therapy, it makes lovely bubbles and has a beautiful feel good scent, and pretty much any Lush product!

2# A walk to clear your head is another way to just make you feel a little more alive. Even though its the last thing you may feel like doing, a walk  can help relieve stress and also if you’re getting frustrated with things it will help get out some of that! #walkitoff

3# Watch your favorite TV programme, DVD or read a book. Simply taking your mind of the worrying, stressful situation of revision and work can help take you away for awhile. I find losing myself in a book for an hour can help refresh me and ready to face another round of revision!

4#  Have a room sort out, or simply do something that you enjoy doing and is productive at the same time. As well as having a little tidy up or sort out of my bedroom I really like doing little scrap books and putting together notebooks of things I like, so when I’m feeling down or lacking a little bit of motivation or creativity I can look back on them.

5# Talk to someone. Have a giggle with a friend about your celeb crush, or cuddle up with your mum on the sofa for a bit, (you are NEVER too old). As they say a problem shared is a problem halved.

So I hope these little tips help you out as you start your revision, and remember it will be over and it WILL be worth it in the long run, hang on in there!

Lucy xxx


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