TV Obsessions…

Now you may be thinking, I recognise that blog post title and that’s because a while back I did a similar post on my Organisational Obsessions. Now I bring you a post on my favourite (to the point of obsessional!) TV series at the moment! Enjoy!

Firstly, an old favourite, it’s not on at the moment but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make it on the list because it’s just too good not to include and that programme is DOCTOR WHO! Woop!


Soon to be introducing the new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi (who is also in another programme I am loving at the moment!) and continuing with the doctors assistant Clara played by Jenna Coleman, I am so excited for the new series! I just love everything about Doctor Who, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I love about it, perhaps the witty banter, the contrast between fun and jokes and devastatingly heart wrenching story lines. Ah, its just so good! Every Doctor they have chosen has been brilliant so I’m sure Peter will be epic as well!

Next is a series that I don’t watch anymore, but I loved it when I did watch it and I still re watch some of the old episodes on my DVD box sets I own of it and that programme is THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

I love this image, so I had to include it! I loved watching this series and as far as I know it’s still on. I don’t know why I stopped watching it, but I’ve not watched it for so long, it’d be pretty hard to catch up.

I love the sexiness of this programme, if you’re into sexy vampire (but so not a twilight copy!) then you’d really like this! But as well as this it had some scenes that genuine made me cry, and scenes that made me laugh. A great watch!

Lastly, as I don’t want this post to be too long, my personal favourite TV series at the moment, a historical British drama, THE MUSKETEERS.

I am seriously genuinely in love with this series at the moment. It only started a few weeks ago, it’s fourth episode was last Sunday. It’s brilliant! It’s had mixed reviews oddly enough, but I am really enjoying, it’s ticking all my boxing at the moment. As well as some fair eye candy (who doesn’t enjoy that) it has some really funny moments, and real saddening moments. I love the whole romanticism and chivalrous nature of the Musketeers, but also the grittiness and the differences between them. I truly recommend you catching up on this series and tell me what you think!

So there you go, that’s what I’m digging at the moment, even though two of them I’m not actually watching at the moment! If you watch any of the series, drop me a comment, let me know what you think and any other series I might enjoy!

Lucy xxx


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