The Cafe On The Hill…

This was a short story I wrote for Bliss Magazine quite a long time ago now, I know it isn’t brilliant but there was quite a strict word limit and I haven’t changed it since I wrote it probably a year ago now, just thought it would be interesting to see how my writing has changed…

It was a long road, I could see that from the way it wound right into the horizon, add that to the steep incline and I really didn’t have a desire to reach this so called best café in north America. “Do we have to do this?” My best friend, Hannah slung the HUGE back pack onto her back, huffing slightly. “Yes we do! It’ll be fun, and anyway, it’s worth it just for the view!” Not waiting for an answer she set off up the hill. I sighed as I started to follow. A good two hours later, I saw Hannah stop and dump the back pack on the floor. She turned beckoning to me. I ran the last couple of metres and stopped stunned as I reached her. The view was amazing, hills ran for miles and miles, different colours weaved into the patchwork of fields and a light mist hung in the valley below. But no café. I turned to her, “You are joking? I’m starving Hannah!” She smiled mischievously, and just as I was about to floor her, she pointed to the huge back pack. “Did you not wonder what I could possibly be carrying in this?!” She said pointing to the bag. I watched suspiciously as she knelt down and produced a picnic hamper and blanket and a little sign. ‘The café on the hill’? I laughed, “You’re mad! And it’s not really a café, I haven’t paid for anything.” She set down the blanket, sat down and looked back up at me, “You can pay if you want.” I laughed, sitting down. I lay back and enjoyed the stunning landscape with my best friend in ‘The café on the hill’.


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