Lucy’s Latest Beauty Buys!

So here I am again and there’s a few things I would like to say before I dive into the beauty part of this post!

Firstly, this was going to be a video which  failed miserably, I tried to do it last night and ended up slamming my netbook lid down in frustration. So I have returned to favored way of delivering posts and that is simply writing! I may still do a video in future, but do it properly next time!

Secondly, I want to start posting in a more structured way, actually setting certain days when I am going to post. Obviously this is hard as I’m so busy it’s hard to say when I’ll have time to sit and write a post, however I will give it a go. To start with I’m just going to say I’ll aim to post at least once a week, but when is a different matter. 😉

Now, on to the fun part of the post, I’m sat her at home after trying to wade through rising flood waters and deciding there’s simply no point… So no I’m finally going to show you what I bought on my latest shopping trip! Yay! Hope you enjoy!

The first one isn’t exactly a beauty buy but I love it so much!

Short sleeved lace top by Indigo in Marks and Spencers
Short sleeved lace top by Indigo in Marks and Spencers

If anyone doesn’t know what Marks and Spencers is it’s basically a clothes shop, but it also has a food hall part and some home wear and makeup. I don’t usually like their stuff as its for the older woman, (my mum drags me in their every time we’re in town!) .

However they do do a section called Indigo that is very me. Much younger and a bit bohemian which I love, so this time my mum dragged me in I instantly saw this top and fell in love. I was horrified at the price tag though, at £32.50 I think it’s very expensive but it has got a lot of work in it.

Me wearing it, love it!
Me wearing it, love it!

It’s got little cap like sleeves,


And it buttons up at the back of the neck…


And this is the bottom…


Overall I am happy I bought this top, I know when I see something I really like and that I’m going to get a lot of wear out of, so I’m pleased with this purchase 🙂


Lolli Tint: Candy-orchid tinted lip and cheek stain. £24.50
Lolli Tint: Candy-orchid tinted lip and cheek stain. £24.50

I went into Debenhams in the mind set that I wanted to buy a Benefit product and this was the newest one out which I thought I’d give a try. I also love these lip and cheek stains, they really work and certainly stay put on your lips most of the day. I have Cha cha tint as well which is a mango tinted one, this one claims to be Candy-orchid which is much more of a pinky colour.

P1050659 This is what it looks like out of the box, cute right?! Like the ones before it it’s a little bottle, (but trust me, it lasts ages!) with a brush….


And this is the brush you get, I love these of my lips, I’m not 100% convinced about them on my cheeks, as you have to brush on a couple of strokes and then blend rather quickly before it dries. However I’ve found that even after doing that, sometimes you can still see the streak marks of where I’ve put it on.


This is what it looks like on my lips when its dried, what I like about these is you can leave them with a matt finish, or put a gloss on over the top. Also this shade is just natural enough for everyday where.

Next up we have another Benefit product!


This is another relatively new product, but as I suffer with both my pores and shine I thought it might work for me. This again is the second product is a kind of series. The one before was simply called The POREfessional and was a serum skin pimer for under makeup (this one is for over makeup), but I found it was a little too greasy for me and I didn’t really like the consistency, but it did help minimize the appearance of my pores.

This one is a powder and you simply brush it on over your make up or just over a mosturised face. From the few days I’ve had it, I’ve worn it everyday and am very pleased with the results. Its very light weight and not cakey or too dry.

The brush simply pops out the bottom.
  The brush simply pops out the bottom.

The brush pops out the bottom of the product and then by unscrewing the top lid, you then twist the top and tap out a bit of the powder into the lid, dab the brush in, tap of the excess and ta-da!


It’s all self contained which is another thing I really like about this product.

Benefit it expensive but there products are worth it. I highly recommend both these.



Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba £2.99
Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba £2.99

I love nail polishes and I wanted to buy a specific barry M that I’d seen a few weeks ago, but I then spotted this one as well and I just adore Peachy colours so couldn’t resist! I have a Nails Inc colour on my nails already if you’re interested, the colour is Bennett Street and I love it, it’s a real post box red.

Second one was this one!

Matte Nail paint by Barry M in Caramel £2.99

This is the one I set out to buy, I love the colour and it’s a matte one which I quite like experimenting with too. I have a separate top coat by OPI that makes your nail polishes dry matt, but this one is all together which is good. So I will have to try these out, but they are super cute, the photo’s don’t do them justice!

Anyways, so I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any of these products or have any opinions on them, feel free to leave a comment below, it really makes my day!

Have a good one and if your near floods, take care!

Lucy xxx


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