Positivity and Feeling good!

Hello again friends!

Today has not been a good day. I’m feeling immensely tired and bogged down with all the stresses and deadlines of college and general life. Eighteen is not an easy age by anymeans that’s for sure!

However I don’t want to burden all you lovely blog readers with my dreary problems that I’m sure a lot of you share. So today I’m going to talk about positivity and finding the good, however small, in the bad. What makes you happy when your feeling just that little bit down. Just by writing this blog post is improving my mood, and that’s mainly why I decided to start a blog. Obviously its also because I love writing and sharing things with people who share my passions, but its also a bit of a release for me. I’m sure other bloggers will agree, it’s just lovely to get a like on your post or even better a positive comment. You know by being nice to someone it makes you feel good too.

So one thing for me that makes me feel good is writing a good blog post. I don’t think I’ve got it completely down yet, I don’t sit for hours and script it out, (I literally don’t have the time!) but I do put a lot of effort into it, and it’s fun! Another thing I really enjoy doing when I’m down is having a nice hot bath, with lots of beauty products in it! When I have a bath, I make an evening out of it! A good book is also a great pick me up, at the moment I’ve just started reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl which is obviously immensely powerful and a good reminder that however bad you feel, there’s always someone worse off than you.

Finally I really like just taking time and watching some good old fun Youtube videos! There’s plenty out there, something for everyone! I totally recommend some Youtube therapy!

Well, I certainly feel better now 🙂 I hope everyone out there has had a better day than I have but if you haven’t then use some of my tips to get yourself back on track! I’d love to hear some of your best ways to pick yourself up after a hard day!

Talk to you all soon!

Lucy xxx


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