Teachers! :@


It’s been a few days, but today I have a blog post that hopefully many of you can relate to…

Teachers. Whether at school, college or university, there are some you love and some you loath. But why is that? What makes a good teacher? What do you like about the ones you love? What do you hate about the ones you loath?

I had the idea to do this post after a particularly hard day at college, with a few annoying teachers…

I can tell you what I think makes a good teacher:

  • Someone who has authority but doesn’t take advantage of that fact
  • Someone who understands their pupils
  • Someone who gives constructive  criticism

And then there are the teachers who just don’t have any of these qualities…

Teachers that pick on you for answers, which just makes you panic and then you can’t think of the answer even if you know it. The teacher that instead of saying, ‘I can see where you’re coming from, but…’ or ‘not quite right…’ just says ‘No, that’s not right’ and then starts having a go at you about how you should know the answer because ‘I have taught it to you’.

Yes, teachers like that annoy me, which makes me not want to go to the lessons and makes me nervous when I’m in lessons, so I don’t learn anything anyway, don’t they get that?

Anyways, on a more positive note, I had some brilliant teachers at school that everyone loved, but they were still able to keep control of the class, I don’t know if its like personality factors or just the fact some people should not be teachers…

Well, let me know what you think on the whole good/bad teacher thing, what makes a good teacher? What makes a bad teacher?

Lucy xxx


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