My First Beauty Favorites of 2014!

So hello there over in the beauty and fashion area of my blog! It’s been a while now and I haven’t posted anything under this category so I’m really excited to do this post.

A favorites video was always something I wanted to do when I had a Youtube account, but just didn’t feel confident enough in myself, after all I am a writer first and foremost. I know that traditionally you would do a favorites post/video at the end of the month but I simply can’t wait, and as I got all of them for Christmas I just want to share it with you now! I will probably do another one at the end of January too if you guys like it!

I thought I would small with five items that I have been using a lot recently, some everyday! Hope you enjoy my little review of them!

So the first item is this lovely bottle of gorgeousness:

Bubble bath and Shower creme.
I Love…Mango and Papaya: Bubble bath and Shower creme.

I got this for Christmas and when I opened it in my stocking I was happy don’t get me wrong, I love stuff to put in my bath or shower, but I thought it was just another one of the common. But oh my gosh! The smell, which is so important, of this one is AMAZING.

As with all bath/shower products, the first thing you  do is smell them, even though I know (vaguely) what mango and papaya smell like I opened the top and took a long sniff and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

If the smell isn’t enough for you, these products I know are not that expensive and the bottle is large enough that it will last you a while and it feels like its something of substance. It creates lovely foamy bubbles when run under a hot tap into a bath and is just as creamy and sweet smelling in the shower. I really like this product!

Secondly we have…

Intimately Beckham: Perfume
Intimately Beckham: Perfume

A perfume this time! And as it was another Christmas prezzie it is a make I possibly wouldn’t go and buy myself. However, as another smell orientated product I really like it.

If I had to describe the smell of this I would say it was very pretty and feminine but not sweet or sickly, it’s just a very nice scent that’s not over powering but at the same time noticeable. It also look’s very nice on my dressing table, I like the simplicity of the bottle and it’s just easy to pick up and have a quick spray.

Next we have…

Nails Inc. Monogram Manicure
Nails Inc. Monogram Manicure

I LOVE doing my nails! I feel completely weird when I don’t have my nails painted and I love having nail wraps on too. I have quite a few Nails Inc. products but have never come across this. I can imagine this being a bit more expensive as Nails Inc. is quite expensive itself.

In this set you get two mini nail polishes, one grey and one deep plum/purple and the 45 second top coat. You then get two sheets of black letters and two sheets of white letters. You simply paint you nails normally, let them dry, stick on what letters you want and then put a coat of top coat on the top.  I had and are having great fun with these, would highly recommend them to anyone who likes to do their nails!

Finally, the things I’ve been using nearly everyday, these two come together:

Urban Decay's Naked Palette.
Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.
Urban Decay's Naked Palette.
Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.
Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion


Firstly, I’d heard great things about the Naked palette’s. I already loved Urban Decay as a make up brand but I rarely had the funds to afford it, so when I got this for Christmas my dreams came true. I absolutely love the eye shadows in this palette, there are simply not enough words! The colours, as you can see from the images are a mix of matte and shimmer which all complement each other perfectly.

You get a brush with it and it also came with the Eyeshadow Primer Potion which is also incredible. I’d never used an eyeshadow primer before, but all I can say is this one really works, it keeps my eyeshadow in place all day. I can not rave about this set enough, when this runs out I will be going straight out and buying another. The neutral colours are perfect for both day and evening wear and with so many combinations to choose from it will certainly take me a while to bore of this! Seriously, just try it!

That’s the end of my little First  Favorites post, I really hope you enjoyed reading and finding out what I’ve been loving these first weeks of 2014!

Please do leave a comment telling me what your beauty must haves are this January!

Lucy xxx



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