A General Grumble…

So today has been my first day off without having to work or it being some sort of festive day and yet I have been trying to get on with some college work and also tidy out my horrifically untidy bedroom. I’ve done quite a bit and felt okay about it until I get my moaning, self righteous father through the door, asking what I’ve done all day, asking why all the lights are on and generally badgering me and irritating me whilst I’m still trying to edit some of my photographs. Yes fathers are really fun. So this is just a general mid week grumble about family, I see how ironic that is seeing as my last couple of posts have been about the importance of family. 😛 But I stand by that point, because it is important, but I also say that my dad can be incredibly annoying but it doesn’t mean I love him any less.

Lucy xxx    


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