A Wet, Windy, Busy Day Off


So today I had a day off work, yay! However I had a LOT to fit in to the day, which I mostly managed to do. I’d already said I would go to my friends for a bit to watch some Marvel films (Loki!) with her and some other people so I headed there first. I watched a couple of films there and then headed home to walk my dog in the horrendous weather. Since last night it has been raining non stop and the wind has been gale force, so going out wasn’t exactly fun. Then straight after getting home me and my dad hopped into the car and drove into town to pick my brother up from work.  I also wanted to pick up a present for my mum and a new top for me for work, so it was a little bit of a rush as by this time it was ten to five. And all the while the rain was just getting heavier and heavier…. so yeah it’s been an eventful day off work, and I’m back in tomorrow because it’s CHRISTMAS EVE, still not feeling that christmassy but trying! I’ll leave it here, if you love Marvel films like this post! hahaa Hope everyone is good and Merry Christmas! 😀

Lucy xxx


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