Tis the season to be jolly?


So as its getting hard to ignore now (not that you’d want to!) christmas is just around the corner, but here in the southwest of the UK, it certainly doesn’t feel like the bleak mid winter. I’m currently sat here writing this blog post, looking out the window at the god awful weather outside and thinking just why…..why. It’s raining cat’s and dogs, the gale force wind nearly blew me over today and the worst of it was I was wearing a skirt today…..

At christmas time it’s just not right if the weather isn’t cold and frosty and STILL. I think that’s the reason I still don’t feel particularly christmassy. I mean the flaming wind, I had to wear something christmassy today at college and the only thing I own that is christmassy is a skirt with little reindeer’s on the hem. Now when I looked at out the window at ten past seven this morning it was still as you like, but as soon as I stepped out the door it was gale force which meant once I’d  parked up and loaded myself up with all my stuff to return, my bag and books I could only just hold down my skirt without flashing myself to the many cars that were driving past. Not fun. 

Okay moan over, but seriously weather buck up. I need no wind, no rain, I’ll go for a little colder, but not this, this is not christmas, lots of love, a peeved girl, 

Lucy xxx


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