So last Tuesday as you will know if you follow me on Twitter (@LucyJayne995) I went to see George Ezra, and it was bloody amazing.

I have loved George Ezra for quite a while now and I was so excited to see him you have no idea. And its fair to say I’m even more in love now than I was.

The night was simply brilliant, it was at Colston Hall in Bristol which is a venue I love as its small enough to feel intimate but big enough for a good atmosphere.

IMG_0517The support act was a guy called Raleigh Ritchie and oh my god, he was incredible, definitely has a new fan in me! His energy on stage was phenomenal and he really got the crowd going. After a little research he is an actor too, and is in Game of Thrones? But having not watched that I wouldn’t know!

I would love to see him again as he was really entertaining and his music was brilliant!

Then George came on and just wow! If you haven’t heard his music I suggest you do so right now! He takes inspiration from music greats such as Bob Dylan and Guthrie and his voice is just so soulful and bluesy, and he’s only 21!

He is simply beautiful live and I enjoyed it soooo much!! Here are some random shots I took, although they were only on my phone so quality is not brilliant!







Lucy xxx


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